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Why this Retinol is a Game Changer

December 14, 2022By Kimberle Lau

Meet Stem Cell 3D Active Retinol Repair Serum, a next generation retinol that delivers game changing results without compromise. This means clear, luminous, youthful looking skin with fewer of the known downsides of retinols like irritation, peeling, dryness and redness. Four powerhouse retinoids combine with 3 customizable levels in a time-released delivery system that provides transformative benefits.  This progressive retinol regimen makes it easy for your client to find the right starting point and, over time, level up to achieve powerful results.  

Available in three different strengths (0.3%, 0.6%, and 1%), this first-of-its-kind formula is as gentle as it is exceptionally powerful. 

What the serum does 

With consistent use, DermaQuest Stem Cell 3D Active Retinol Repair Serum significantly improves the visible signs of aging with potent anti-wrinkle properties, increases collagen and elastin production and enhances firmness.  Maintains skin’s delicate microbiome by strengthening the epidermis, and improves tone and texture of the skin at the dermis level.  Brightens skin discoloration and dark spots, soothes redness and irritation and replenishes hydration levels. 

 How it works 

A unique patented delivery system sends a time-released blend of 4 distinct retinoids and other active ingredients straight to the source, deep within the skin’s surface over an extended period of time. Vitamin A and its derivatives are among the most effective substances to slow the aging process.  Our four retinoids: 


  1. Retinol — This stabilized form of retinoid accelerates mitosis, allowing for optimal cell turnover and increased enzyme activity while normalizing and improving the skin’s barrier function.

  2. Retinyl Retinoate — This new-generation retinoid has a slower conversion rate, allowing for less irritation. It also encourages the production of hyaluron, a free-radical scavenger that hydrates and protects against UV damage.

  3. Retinyl Linoleate — This stabilized form of Vitamin A stimulates collagen production, encouraging quicker cell turnover without over-drying the skin. It’s also known to brighten pigmentation and promote even skin tone.

  4. Retinaldehyde — This gentler, less irritating form of retinoid normalizes keratinization of the skin

A skin-nourishing blend of plant stem cells – Papyrus and Butterfly bush - defend, restore, and reinforce overall skin health. 

This video explains what retinoids are, how they work, who are they good for, debunks long held myths surrounding retinol, how to prevent the side effects of retinoids, contraindications and recommendations.  

Useful tips are provided and Dermaquest Retinol Usage Grid - which categories skin conditions and types – illustrates you how to incorporate the retinol product into your client’s regimen. 

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