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Fat Loss & Body Contouring


Non-Invasive fat loss technology to help you shape the body you want

cryoskin 4.0 slimming/toning.

Discover the most advanced non-invasive slimming and body toning solution with Cryoskin 4.0, utilizing cutting-edge cryotherapy technology from Paris. This innovative treatment works in harmony with your body's natural systems, employing precise temperatures to target and eliminate fat cells (for slimming) or reduce cellulite (for toning).

  • 45 minutes | $450 1 Session


  • 5 Sessions $2250 (On Sale 30% OFF for $1575).


  • 10 Sessions $4500 (On Sale 40% OFF for $2700).

cryoskin 4.0 facial.

Experience the latest non-invasive facial treatment from Paris, designed to lift and firm your skin with the power of Cryoskin 4.0 technology. The science behind the Cryo Facial lies in the cold temperature's ability to stimulate vasodilation in facial blood vessels. This increased blood flow promotes collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and pore size while significantly lifting and firming your skin.

  • 30 minutes | $250 

cryoskin is amazing for body toning.

Cryoskin 4.0 is even better.

New in 2020, cryoskin 4.0 has faster more consistent results. We are the first spa in the Bay Area to carry this new technology.

What is cryoskin?

Body toning for your glutes.

Results after 5 Cryoskin toning treatments.

cryoskin body toning butt
cryoskin body toning abs 1 week

Body toning for your abs.

Results 1 week after first cryoskin slimming treatment.

Body slimming for your back.

Results after five Cryoskin slimming treatments.

body toning cryoskin on back

Body toning for your legs.

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